walking through the mystical forest


This journey brings us back to ancient times where you will discover Beli, former Caisole, Caput Insulae and the mystical forest of Tramuntana. The beauty of the magical landscape of Tramuntana is reflected in a preserved herbal and animal life.

Self-guided walking tour "Magical Tramuntana"

Spend a day of your vacation strolling along the mystical forest of Tramuntana on the north of the island Cres. In the area there are seven walking trails and three bike trails. These so-called eco-trails pass through the old roads that used to connect what are now abandoned villages and shepherds’ cottages in Tramuntana. Experience the wilderness, encounter the sheep, the turtles, the griffon vultures. Stop to see the labyrinths, go along the paths surrounded by stone walls , and simply follow the markings.

Included in the price:
  1. a digital map of Tramuntana walking trails

  2. a voucher – a ticket to Centar za posjetitelje i oporavilište za bjeloglave supove

  3. lunch at Pansion Tramontana

  4. a choice out of 3 traditional menus: wild boar stew with gnocchi and salad, polenta with goat cheese, cream and sage, and mackerel on the grill with polenta and chard

  5. a non-alcoholic drink: juice – pomegranate or sage syrup, water



Interesting facts and remarks

Lada’s labyrinth
Lada is the early Croatian goddess of beauty and love who embodies natural birthing forces. Her companions are nymphs known as Ladarice, who have left the world to settle among the stars. This is how open star cluster Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters was created. This stone labyrinth is a replica of the ancient labyrinth discovered in Pula.

Vesna’s labyrinth
This is an enlarged replica of the labyrinth situated in Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral in France. It is dedicated to ancient Croatian goddess of spring, Vesna, a godess who harmonized heart with reason, beauty with gentleness. She is known as a spring divinity which dresses the earth in buds, flowers, grass and leaves.

Isis’s labyrinth
Isis is the ancient Egyptian Mother goddess who symbolises birth, fertility and earth’s abundance. It is believed that she is presented as a Black Madonna. As there is a miraculous statue of a Black Madonna in the Beli’s church. Isis’s labyrinth is dedicated to her. The villages connected by these trails are now mostly destroyed and abandoned, but are therefore intriguing as an open-air ethnological museum.

More interesting facts

  • Also captivating are hiking destinations such as of Gorica, the highest peak of the island of Cres, 648 metres high, and the nearby Sis peak (639 m).
  • The hiking trail leads from Porozina ferry port to Beli, which takes 3-4 hours.
  • The endangered species, griffon vultures, nest only on the Kvarner islands, and there are merely around 100 pairs left. They are considered as the symbol of the island Cres – just look up to observe the magnificent griffon vultures flying.


  • with prior notification it is possible to prepare lactose or gluten-free food, vegan meals, raw food
  • The programme can be booked from 20th of April to the 3rd of November 2019, every day except Mondays
  • Price for children aged 7 to 14, accompanied by adults - 17 €

Contact number: +385 99 216 5011