observing griffons

Enjoy a unique experience

Enjoy a unique experience of observing and photographing these protected species, the White Headed Griffons, in their natural environment on the Island of Cres.

Photo Sup Tour

For all interested people we can organize observation of the nests of Griffon Vultures from the sea and a boat tour to the most common places where they can be seen.

Tour details:
  1. A short boat trip to the Griffon’s natural habitat, a unique colony in the world, during which trip you can see and take photos of these species and enjoy the unspoiled nature.

  2. A tour of different habitats of Griffon Vultures and occasions for taking photos.

  3. Returning to Beli enjoying a Panoramic cruise.

Remark: Minimum 4 persons, maximum 10 persons.

Contact number: +385 99 216 5010