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Visit us in one spring time and enjoy the unique ambience of Beli and Pansion Tramontana! Take part in workshops “Making natural cosmetics” (creams, balms, deodorants…) with phytotherapist Davor Medarić!
  1. 26.06.2020. - 28.06.2020.

  2. 03.07.2020. - 06.07.2020.

  3. 11.09.2020. - 13.09.2020.

What is Phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is a method of treating, alleviating and preventing diseases and ailments by using whole medicinal plants or their parts (flowers, leaves, roots, etc.) and using ingredients (essential oils, extracts and other isolates) as well as finished preparations (teas, tinctures, ointments, capsule).

The individual approach to each client is intended to create a foundation in the field of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Clients will also gain insight into the many personal benefits these branches of complementary medicine provide through workshops where they make simple preparations themselves.

Relax and learn more about the healing properties of essential oils and herbal oils, such as teas and tinctures, whose beneficial effects affect the entire body. Balance and rejuvenate your body and mind naturally with phytotherapy products.

About workshops

Workshop 1, "Natural Skin Care Products"

It consists of two related parts. The first part of the workshop is theoretical. In this part of the workshop you will have the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge that will enable you to make better cosmetics. You will learn how skin is made and what skin functions are and you will learn what natural cosmetics are. Also, you will learn what Aromatherapy is and what are the principles and rules of aromatherapy, as well as how the aromatherapy concentration calculations work. During this part of the workshop, plant and essential oils, hydrolysates, macerates and butter will be discussed, and the emphasis will be placed on the relationship between proper nutrition and plants, which have a beneficial effect on the health and beauty of the skin inside.

The second part of the workshop is the practical part of the workshop, and in it you will have the opportunity to learn how to make several everyday but useful skin care preparations. So in this part of the workshop you will learn how to make makeup oil, face cleansing emulsion, tonics for different skin types (normal, oily and dry), face creams for different skin types (normal, oily and mixed, dry and mature) , balms, oily face serums, aroma scrubs for face skin and mask aroma. You can use the knowledge you will acquire in this part of the workshop already at home, so that your loved ones can also open the way to natural skin care!

Workshop 2, "Everyday Natural Personal Care Products"

It consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part we will walk through the history of cosmetics, we will learn how to use natural cosmetics, what are the essential aromatherapy essential oils and what brands are present in our market, the rules of thinning essential oils, the application of essential and vegetable oils on the face and body skin, on the hair. what are the differences between natural and shopping deodorants, between shopping and natural shampoos. We will learn about the essential oils of sweet orange, lemongrass, tangerine, lemon, real lavender, tea tree, verbena rosemary, palmarose, ylangylang, sage, clove; vegetable oils (castor, almond, avocado, jojoba, sunflower, hazelnut, argan, macadamia, wheat germ), maceratcantarion, butter (mango, shea), hydrolates (tea tree, real lavender, hamamelis, rosemary verbenon, geranium…) Proper nutrition and plants affect the beauty and health of skin and hair inside and out.

In the practical part of the workshop we will learn how to make deodorant stick, deodorant cream, how to make toothpaste, solid and liquid shampoos, you will get recipes for making intimate care gels, shower gels, body milk and body oils. we will learn to make a hair conditioner and pakung.

As we are already well into the summer, we all know what it brings to us. We all know the positive effects of sunbathing: the sun's rays are absorbed through the skin into deeper layers and stimulate the formation of D vitamins in the body, thus contributing to the health of the bony system, while improper sun exposure leads to skin drying and damage. making two basic preparations to make the summer pleasant and without major consequences:

  1. Body and face balm that provides beautiful bronze skin color without sun exposure
  2. Soothing after-sun body gel that soothes the skin and burns with ingredients that heal and moisturize the skin

All the ingredients of these preparations, like all others, are completely natural!

What's in the price?

In the period 26.6.-28.6. and 11.09.-13.09. the program includes:

  • 2 Half board
  • Daily delicious local vegetarian and fish breakfasts and dinners with organic vegetables
  • One Natural Cosmetics Workshop - "Daily Body Care"
  • 2 nights
  • Free WiFi
  • Map of Tramuntana region

Price for person and program: 900,00 kn (120 €)

In the period 3.7.-6.7. the program includes:

  • 3 Half board
  • Daily delicious local vegetarian and fish breakfasts and dinners with organic vegetables
  • Two Natural Cosmetics Workshops ("Daily Body Care", "Personal Care Products")
  • 3 nights
  • Free WiFi
  • Map of Tramuntana region

Price for person and program: 1500,00 kn (200 €)

Activities and what to see:

  • Take a stroll through 7 restored eco trails and discover abandoned villages lurking in the wonderful Tramuntani Forest. Enjoy the awakening of nature and spring with peace and quiet.
  • Visit the parish church and the statue of the Black Madonna (1 of 4 such statues in Croatia), the Roman Bridge and the Roman Road.
  • Learn about the protection of one of the largest bird species in the world, and the largest in Croatia, at the Griffon Vulture Visitors and Recovery Center.

What is not included in the price and available to the participants:

  • Measurement of the vitamin-mineral state of the organism (on request)
  • Transportation (can be arranged upon request)
  • Personal consultation with the therapist (on request)
  • Alcoholic beverages (available at Pension Tramontana)
  • Zip line White

Transportation is not included in your package, but ask us and we can provide it for an additional cost.

More about workshop leader

Davor Medarić is a phytotherapist and aromatherapist who provides training in the fields of phytotherapy and aromatherapy through workshops and seminars and individual counseling. Each client is approached individually by taking a holistic approach to treatment. In order to broaden and connect his knowledge, he further educated himself and is a certified massager (sports, medical, anti-cellulite, raindrop and vitaflex massage and hot stone massage) also holds certificates for conducting autogenous training and progressive muscle relaxation. In addition, he is also a wellnesster therapist, lifecoach of health and nutrition and is a NLP master practitioner. For many years he has been actively studying aromatherapy, the influence of essential oils on the body and the production and use of natural skin care products for the body and cleansing products. If you want to try herbal remedies with natural remedies, Davor will help you find the right treatment for you with your expert guidance and guidance and will be a constant support on your healing journey! If you would like to become more familiar with phytotherapy and aromatherapy and evaluate if this is the approach for you, we invite you to join our workshops and trainings.

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About Location: Beli on the Island of Cres

Beli is one of the oldest and in the past was one of the most important villages on the island of Cres. There are many cultural and historical sights in Beli, some of which are: the parish church with a semicircular apse, the previously Romanesque church containing several valuable Glagolitic inscriptions, the Romanesque church of St. Mary with the museum collection, the Gothic church of St. nave chapel of st. Antun in the local cemetery, prehistoric barns in front of the entrance to the village and the Roman bridge over the canyon, and the stone head of King Abel. White is also a favorite starting point for long walks through the beautiful forests of Tramuntana.

About Accommodation: Pansion Tramontana

Your new home, Pension Tramontana, is the perfect place to spend your free time exploring the countryside and rich local cuisine. Tramontana Pension is located near the old town of Beli, at the end of the road where asphalt ends and eco and historic trails begin. It has a beautiful view of the Kvarner Bay, Beli and the surrounding nature. It is a well-known destination for divers, trekkers, mountain bikers and nature lovers.

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