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Beli, Porozina, Filozići, Dragozetići, Predošćica... Small acropolis villages in the north part of the Island Cres (historically the Tramuntana region) locations near beaches and natural attractions. Our facilities in Tramuntana region are ideal for vacation in nature, meditation, silence, peacefulness, yoga practice, writing, composing, working without stress... Tramuntana region provides you activities such as swimming, diving, hiking, exercising. Tramuntana region invites you to explore hidden beaches, hiking trails through magic forest Tramuntana, labyrinths and historic villages nearby, attractive locations for diving. Special place for special guests. Special place to stay. Tramuntana is totally different from others.
Porozina is a small port town in Croatia, located on the northwest coast of Cres. It is connected by ferry to Brestova (Kršan municipality) on the Istria mainland. The old town is situated upon a hillock above the port, and in the last two decades a new holiday neighbourhood has been built. In the Classical era there was a lighthouse on the hillock above the port, that is how the town got its name (Pharum insulae).

On this site today we find ruins of an old Franciscan monastery of Saint Nicholas and an old Gothic church, dating to the 15th century. The monastery was used by Franciscan Glagolitic monks of the third order, who managed to preserve Old Church Slavonic as a liturgy language even up to the 13th century. The monastery edifice was abandoned in 1843, when it was also partly demolished. Its ruins manifest characteristics of the renaissance architecture.

The church was victim of many robberies, and it was almost burnt to the ground in the 16th century. Remarkably, it withstood all those perils and it stands well preserved even today. Among its many distinct features are Glagolitic inscriptions on its walls.

The settlement is situated in a cove on the north of the island. The cove offers good natural protection from all the winds, so this spot was the only one suitable for docking from time immemorial.
Beli is a small historical town in the middle of the Tramuntana forest on the northern part of the island of Cres. The town is charmly situated on the top of a 130 m hill.

Beli has been inhabited for over 2000 years. Below the town is a small fishing port with a beautiful pebble beach and small stone houses.

To reach Beli, you need to follow the narrow 8 km road that leads off the main island road. You will pass by the giant oaks, see the sheep wondering around freely. The surroundings are dominated by the mysterious labyrinths, Keltic tombs and Roman ruins, proud griffon vultures circling the skies and dolphins play in the blue sea.

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About the holiday house

The house has 2 apartments in the same building (ideal for 8- 12 people/ two families: 8 bed + 2 sofa beds) in the village Porozina, located on the North side of island Cres, known for the ferry port that connects Island with Istrian peninsula. Beautiful long beach Stara Porozina is 3 min away by foot.

House has a large garden with barbecue area for sociable summer evenings. Location is ideal for people that love recreation, hiking and nature. Famous Centre for Griffon Vultures in Beli is distant 20 km by car from Porozina.

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