Vital One energy week – 7 days

Vital One energy week - 7 days

7 days of healing program to achieve the key health maintenance skills and abilities

7 Days energy regenation retreat with Yoga, Chi Gong, Bioenergy and Shiatsu. Summer in Beli on the island of Cres,Croatia

Yoga – Adventure – Superfood – Healing, Vital One energy week

7 days full board (accomodation, brekfast, lunch and snack)

12 hour of class: yoga, chi gong, pranayama (breathing technicks)

4 treatments with bioenergy (prana healing)

2 shiatsu massage

1 workshop: how to make a healty bread

1 workshop: macerate making

1 introduction to sungazing

1 day tracking to labyrinths

1 day cave visiting and meditation

1 day boat excursion

Available terms & prices:

Summer 20.7. - 27.7.2019.

  • 1 person in double room included healing program & full bord
  • 845 euro in double room
  • 767 euro in tripple room
  • 1012 euro in single room

Summer 27.7. - 3.8.2019.

  • 1 person in double room included healing program & full bord
  • 845 euro in double room
  • 767 euro in tripple room
  • 1012 euro in single room

Summer 7.9. - 14.9.2019.

  • 1 person in double room included healing program & full bord
  • 845 euro in double room
  • 767 euro in tripple room
  • 1012 euro in single room

Spa treatments:

Vitalty program, shiatshu, trigger point therapy, cupping

Program benefits:

Strengthens the immune system, preserves health, Renewal of the energy field of the body, Establishing mind- spirit- body balance, Deep relaxation, improved concentration, increased creativity

Unique high-level energising

Exercises are based on Yoga and Chi Gong methods. They are the basis of the culture of prevention and health maintenance . By practicing these simple and smoothing therapeutic movements, we achieve deep relaxation of muscles and tendons and a better circulation of energy throughout the body and all internal organs.

Bioenergy therapy

Based on re-balancing the body's energy field. One of the purposes of Bioenergy is to free the blockages that are the reason for pain and diseases. It also strenghtens our immune system. The universal vital energy contains the information necessary for activating our natural self-healing process. The therapy is safe, non-invasive, painless and simple.

Breathing techniques

Through breathing we inspire 50% of life energy needed by our body, 30% by consuming water and 20% by healthy nutrition. By regulating the breath we eliminate 80% of toxins from our body and free it from accumulated stress. Breathing techniques – Pranayama - represent the ultimate science with regard to breathing. By applying these techniques we can energise the body while increasing the capacity and greater utilisation of our lungs.

The essence of shiatsu is touch

Pressure. Fingers and palms on certain zones and points of the body, stretching and rotation of the limbs and joints, corrective interventions on the bone muscle structure, stretching muscles and fascias (fine connective tissue), tools by which a shiatsu practitioner drives life energy and allows free movement in the body .


raw, alkali-balanced and protein-rich vegetarian diet can save you a lot in terms of treatment or disease prevention because it provides the body with top nutritional support. The term superhuman refers to foods that have an extremely high level of phytonutrients. These nutrients have a huge positive impact on our health.

The foods we use contain so high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, that they have special healing and detoxifying properties.


Gianni Glavina - Biotherapist and Instructor, founder of Vital One

Zlatko Travljanin - Massage Therapist, Master of Oriental Healing Methods

Nina Malatestinić - your host in Pansion Tramontana


Finally I could have felt that energy that I had only read and discussed with my friends about. I am more than sure that I'm going in the right direction. An indescribable feeling!

- Miro (Slovenia)

I came to you due to back pain and stiffness and I'm returning home without pain and with a rich experience of friendship and new life lessons you have given me.

- Jasmine (Germany)

„ The wellness I felt immediately after treatment was the reason why I brought my whole family here“

- Stela, Maja, Dražen and Nataša (Croatia)

„A brand new mind and body experience. Thank you!!"

- Paulo (Italy)

More than 6.000 satisfied clients!

Come and see for yourself!

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Beli is a small historical town in the middle of the Tramuntana forest on the northern part of the island of Cres. The town is charmly situated on the top of a 130 m hill.

Beli has been inhabited for over 2000 years. Below the town is a small fishing port with a beautiful pebble beach and small stone houses.

To reach Beli, you need to follow the narrow 8 km road that leads off the main island road. You will pass by the giant oaks, see the sheep wondering around freely. The surroundings are dominated by the mysterious labyrinths, Keltic tombs and Roman ruins, proud griffon vultures circling the skies and dolphins play in the blue sea.

Pansion Tramontana is situated not far from the old town Beli, and is located at the end of the road where the asphalt ends and the eco and historical trails begin. It has a beautiful view of the Kvarner bay, Beli and the surrounding nature.

Pansion has 12 rooms with en suite bathrooms and mini fridges, 2 of them are family rooms with 2 separate bedrooms and 1 bathroom. All rooms are decorated in a traditional way.

Contact & information about Yoga retreats :

Gianni Glavina instructor, founder


Nina Malatestinić - hotel menager



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/per person

7 days
Yoga – Adventure – Superfood – Healing