About us

About Tramontana Outdoor

Welcome to the world of Tramontana Outdoor!

We are a local travel agency based in the picturesque village of Beli and also have an information centre in the centre of the town Cres.

Our goal is to provide unique experiences in the nature around Beli and the island of Cres, help you to discover local traditions and history and simply organize an amazing holiday for you. We believe the best way to explore a new destination is to be active, do fun things and be together with local people. We love what we do and want you to discover our home in a special way.

All our activities are done by licensed professionals and we do not compromise in terms of security and quality.  Apart from our agency we run a restaurant, small hotel and a diving base – so there is almost nothing we can´t organize for you.

Come to Tramontana – we promise you unforgettable experiences!

- The Team of Tramontana Outdoor

Tailor made travelling

We recommend that your vacation begins with us from the airport to the end of your trip.

Travel organization for:

  • individuals
  • couples
  • groups
  • adventurists
  • wedding organization

Your trip on the Kvarner bay and the island can start at any time, be shortened, extended, or combined with any other tour that that will create a unique experience.

Travel through small towns and spectacular surroundings that Kvarner and Kvarner islands offer. Enjoy the atmosphere and charm, visit some of Kvarner's greatest natural and cultural sights, socialize with the hosts and discover the simplicity and quality of the accommodation and traditional cuisine.

Contact us, we can recommend quality accommodation facilities, unusual locations, restaurants, rural households, boat owners, taxi drivers, transfers, local guides and adventurous programs from our list.

Whether you just want to rest, explore the picturesque landscapes or want a holiday full of activities and adrenaline we are able to arrange a vacation that will be filled with long lasting memories.

About Beli

Beli is a small historical town in the middle of the Tramuntana forest on the northern part of the island of Cres. The town is charmly situated on the top of a 130 m hill. 

Beli has been inhabited for over 2000 years. Below the town is a small fishing port with a beautiful pebble beach and small stone houses.

In the past an important economic point of the northern part of the island, today has only about 45 inhabitants due to emigration and changes in lifestyle.

To reach Beli, you need to follow the narrow 8 km road that leads off the main island road. You will pass by the giant oaks, see the sheep wondering around freely. The surroundings are dominated by the mysterious labyrinths, Keltic tombs and Roman ruins, proud griffon vultures circling the skies and dolphins play in the blue sea.